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European biomethane plants increased by 51% in two years

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

New data from the second edition of the European Biomethane Map by the European Biogas Association (EBA) and Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) shows the number of biomethane plant facilities has increased by 51% from 483 in 2018 to 729 in 2020. 

There are currently 18 countries in Europe producing biomethane. Germany has the highest share (232), followed by France (131) and the UK (80). One-third of the biomethane facilities are associated with energy crop feedstock, and at least one-third of the plants are connected to gas distribution networks.

“Our industry is already producing 23 TWh of this green gas. By 2030, the sector could substantially enlarge the production to 370 TWh and reach 1,170 TWh by 2050. The EU is in need of green gas solutions such as biomethane. Political support is essential to maximize the needed deployment of biomethane and ensure smart sector integration” said Susanna Pflüger, EBA secretary-general.


European Biogas Association