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AIB 2020 Q3 Statistics - Summary

Friday, 06 November 2020

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Important Note: Statistics reported here are solely for Renewable Energy GOs.

Key highlights:

  • Issuances in Q3 of 2020 increased by 4.1%
  • Significant 60% jump in issuances in September 2020
  • Demand in Q3 of 2020 slightly down by 1%
2020 Q3 vs 2019 Q3

The following graph shows the transaction statistics for Q3 (July-September) of 2020 and makes a comparison between the same periods in 2019 and 2018.

GO issuance increased by 4.1% (7 TWh) when compared to the same period in 2019.  Cancellations and transfers of GOs in Q3 of 2020 were similar to the previous year only having respectively decreased slightly by 1%. 

Renewable GO monthly activity in the AIB

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