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Dutch Renewable GO Overview November 2020

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

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Main points for November 2020:

  • Dutch Wind GO prices remain relatively low (0.83 Euros/MWh)
  • Supply moderately increased by 12%
  • Demand significantly increased by 38%
  • Imports decreased notably by 67% signalling continued demand for domestic renewable energy GOs

The Dutch Wind GO current year prices in November dropped by 8% from 0.90 Euros in October 2020 to the current 0.83 Euros/MWh. Meanwhile, Dutch Solar GO prices traded at a 13 Eurocent discount to Dutch Wind trading at 0.70 Euros/MWh in November, a 42% decrease when compared to October prices. A more in-depth look at historical prices is available to subscribers of our Netherlands