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ILR auction for Luxembourg Q4 2020 production – results

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

The Institut Luxembourgeois de Regulation (ILR) held an auction for 2020 Q4 production from 21 to 26 January 2021.

A summary of the prices and bid ranges is given in the graph below:

Wind volumes were up compared to the last quarter (91 GWh to 49 GWh for Q3 quarter), with the average price which falling to 16 Eurocent/MWh (from 21 Eurocent/MWh for last quarter). This price is higher than current over the counter (OTC) prices for 2020 Production, which is around 12 Eurocent/MWh.

Biomass was also down on the previous month at 31 Eurocent/MWh, 13 Eurocent less than the previous month and the lowest price to date. Volumes sold remain similar to last quarter (67 compared to 65 GWh). Despite the high relative price drop, the current price is significantly higher than the OTC price, which typically sells close to Nordic Hydro price (currently around 11 Eurocent).

Solar GOs for Q4 production sold for 62 Eurocent, similar to the previous auction where Solar GOs debuted (61 Eurocent for Q1-Q3 2020 production). The associated volumes were low however (800 MWh) so volumes and prices may be subject to high fluctuations in future auctions.

All volumes on offer were sold. The full details and results of the auction can be found on the Grexel website. On the ILR website, plant information can be found including commissioning date, which can determine eligibility for support schemes (e.g. UK FiT and CfD), thus influence price.