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What is the Way Forward for Green Gas Tracking in Europe? Join our Webinar 26 May

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

As part of this year's webinar series, Greenfact will be hosting the online seminar, dubbed ‘EU systems for tracking green gas’ on 26 May 1330 CET. With guest speakers representing prominent organisations in European biomethane, the discussion will provide key insights for all of those involved in the renewable gas market.

Join us for the first of our series of webinars covering the Green Gas Certificate markets in Europe. Our esteemed guest speakers are Stefanie Königsberger (ERGaR) and Katrien Verwimp (AIB), of the two organisations leading the charge on a standardised EU market place for GOs for biomethane and other renewable gases.

The talks aim to provide and update of the green gas markets across Europe looking at the development progress of EU standardised systems for green gas tracking, Book and Claim and Mass-Balance approaches. It will also serve to differentiate these two approaches and their functionalities and benefits in the green gas value chain

You can register here.

See you there!