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Weekly GO Market Brief - Week 22, 2021

Friday, 04 June 2021

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This week’s trading
  • Recorded increase in market traded volumes (36%) and but 37% decrease in transactions.
  • Continued decrease witnessed in market prices for Nordic Hydro GOs (2021 vintage trading at 42 Eurocents/MWh).
  • Market sentiments on GO price outlook continue to be mixed.

As per data from our data partners the first week of June saw a decrease in market activity with a 37% decrease in transactions recorded, however, traded volumes increased by 36% (2.8 TWh) when compared to Week 21. 

A majority of the transactions recorded were forward market transactions (62%) which increased by 12% compared to the previous week. The rest of the transactions were for current year production GOs at a 38% share.

This week, Hydro GOs represented 75% of recorded transactions a 5% increase co...

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