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Green gas in the UK and France, and the way forward

Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Kevin Lim

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Author: Kevin Lim

Yesterday (15 March), Greenfact hosted the webinar "Developments in biomethane registries & international transactions", the first Greenfact webinar of the year.

While the German market remains the national market in Europe, France and UK are in the next tier. Both countries have production around the 4 TWh mark, with France having the fastest growing sector within Europe. Both countries offer direct subsidies for biomethane, although they diverge with regards to international trade, with the French market essentially domestic only.

UK green gas stalwart, Jesse Scharf of the GGCS, was the first of our guests - he highlighted some of the drivers for biomethane production, via subsidies (the NDRHI and replacement scheme, GGSS) and th...

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