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GO market activity reduces ahead of Easter holidays: Short Weekly Brief

Wednesday, 13 April 2022


Trading activity has reduced by more than 40% with a significantly limited number of trades observed, in this short three day working week ahead of the upcoming Easter holidays. 

According to data from our data partners the benchmark Nordic Hydro product had the larger share of the limited trades witnessed with most of the focus on current year 2022 production GOs having a 72% share followed by 2021 and 2023 vintages each having a 14% share. No trades were witnessed further along the curve. 

Price decreases were witnessed across all vintages and products observed with the EU Wind 2022 product trading at a slight 3 Eurocent/MWh discount to its Nordic Hydro counterpart.

Additionally GO prices continue to trade in contango with forward 2023 and 2024 vintages trading at a 19-30 Eurocent premium to the 2022 product. 

We believe tha...

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