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Macron reelected: Make our Planet Great for good?

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Leo Robert

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Incumbent French President Emmanuel Macron was reelected on Sunday, aggregating 58% of the votes against the far right candidate Marine Le Pen, with record abstention since 1969 at 28%.

Sunday 24th April 2022, 8:01pm : collective sigh of relief in Brussels. Not only the French chose to reelect the current President of the European Council, but also a true pro-European leader, determined to change the EU from the inside rather than turning the back on almost every EU rule, like Marine Le Pen proposed in the facts.

Nonetheless, this relief from European leaders let the space for another rock in the shoe: will Emmanuel Macron be able to govern? Will he have the majority at Parliament to pass his laws?  Will he be governing with the left, more willing to fasten France's Energy Transition?

All of these elements will...

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