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Slovakian GO auction prices reach new highs

Thursday, 05 May 2022


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OKTE held the seventh electronic auction of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) on the 5th of May, with 12 market participants.

In total, around 203 GWh of GOs from subsidised renewable energy were auctioned. The GOs were sold in two lots, consisting of around 143 GWh from Hydro and 60 GWh from Solar. GOs for both technologies were produced during Q1 2022, with a starting bid at 0.75 €/MWh.

The average traded price has reached a new high in Slovakian auction history at 1.16€/MWh, with a price range between 1.02 to 1.36€/MWh, supported by increasing demand. However, although the prices have trended higher compared to the past, the highest auction price in Slov...

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