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Portugal to Auction 3.26 TWh of GOs on May 26th

Monday, 09 May 2022

Leo Robert

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Portugal is scheduled to auction around 3.26 TWh of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) on May 26th, and this will be its 10th auction. The auction will be managed by OMIP and the auctioned GOs are from renewable energy which benefited from production or investment support. The revenue will be reverted to the National Electric System.

The GOs would be sold in eight lots and in total represent approximately 751.51 GWh TWh and 2 508.83 GWh of GOs produced in December 2021 and January/February 2022, respectively. This sets the total December 2021 production auctioned (in Auctions 9 &10) at 2 505.04 GWh. 

The reserve price remains unchanged, at 0.15 €/MWh.


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