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IEA Renewable Energy Market Update reveals 2021 record-breaking capacities

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Leo Robert

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On May 10th, the IEA released its Renewable Energy Market Update 2022 report. Divided into two main parts ('Renewable Electricity' and 'Biofuels'), it provides important information on Renewables' capacities around the World in 2021 (and forecasts), prices, and policy changes that might have an impact.

The outstanding year 2021 for Renewables Capacities

In 2021, Renewable net capacity additions were at a record level of 295 GW, higher than the forecast previously made by the IEA, and 6% above the 2020 level (more than 52% above the 2019 level). 

The level of 295 GW was the forecast for 2022 (see