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GO Week 19 Overview - Nordic Hydro on the rise, despite low market activity

Friday, 13 May 2022

Leo Robert

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  • Prices for Nordic Hydro vintages increased across all recorded vintage years, with the highest price increase (in %) witnessed in the 2022 and 2025 vintages.
  •  Recorded transactions and volumes decreased by 10% and 15%  with 2022 production GOs having the largest share of recorded transactions this week as participants continue hedging current year consumption. 
  • The Nordic hydropower reservoir levels increased by 0.3% in Week 18 of 2022. 

According to data from our data partners, this week saw a slight decline in market activity when compared to the week prior. Recorded transactions increased by 10% while traded volumes recorded decreased by 15% when compared to the week prior.

Trading activity this week continues to be focused on 2022 pro...

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