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Annual Results Bra Miljöval 2017

Friday, 11 January 2019

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The annual results 2017 of Bra Miljöval (BMV), the ecolabel of ‘Naturskyddsföreningen’ (The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation) have recently been finalized.

Total volumes of BMV certified electricity sold in 2017 amounted to 9.3 TWh. Production came from 55 licensees, out of which 3 where new additions in 2017 (Vrångens Kraft AB, Telinet Energi AB and Hudya AB).

The largest sellers of BMV certified electricity in 2017 were Energi Försäljing Sverige AB, Göteborg Energi Din El AB and Vattenfall AB. Most electricity came from hydropower (81%), followed by wind (15.5%), biomass (3%) and solar (less than 1%).

During 2018, there were 46 applications for new projects. In previous years, the major...

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