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Commissioned GO-eligible RES plants in Scandinavia during November and December 2018

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

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The following GO-eligible power plants were commissioned in Norway during November and December 2018:

  • Grytendal 6.35 MW / 21.3 GWh p.a.
  • Langedalselva 0.99 MW / 6.4 GWh p.a.
  • Tenneelva 3.4 MW / 10.3 GWh p.a.
  • Traudalen 0.99 MW / 7.0 GWh p.a.

Combined, the power plants have an installed capacity of 11.7 MW, resulting in an estimated annual production of 45 GWh.

Cumulative GO-eligible additions to installed capacity in Norway during 2018 amounted to 1.0 GW, with an expected annual production of 3.6 TWh. A total of 59% (590 MW) came from new hydropower plants, providing an estimated 2.1 TWh of electricity generation per year. The remaining 41% (416 MW) of installed capacity came from onshore wind with an estimated annual production of 1.5 TWh.

Total installed RES cap...

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