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Nordic Hydro Update April 2019

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

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Market development Nordic Hydro

The price increase observed during the beginning of April came to a halt and reversed towards the middle of the month. Nordic Hydro 2018 closed at 34 Eurocent/MWh at the end of April and is currently trading at 26.5 Eurocent/MWh. 2019 production closed at 78 Eurocent/MWh, while 2020 production closed at 98.5 Eurocent/MWh at the end of April, corresponding to a 26% and a 13% decrease, respectively.

Nordic Hydro is currently at a yearly low, with 2019 and 2020 production trading at 63.5 and 87 Eurocent/MWh at the time of writing. Similar prices were last observed during Q1 last year. Following the high trading activity in March, the number of Nordic Hydro trades conducted by our data partners fell by 59% in April. Volumes traded saw a decrease of 54%. Trades were centred around 2019 and 2020 produ...

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