Interview with CHOOOSE founder Andreas Slettvoll

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

CHOOOSE is a technology company offering a climate action platform which aims to make it easy for consumers to act on climate change by providing readily accessible solutions for global carbon reduction. Their offerings include support for some of the most impactful CO2-reducing projects around the world. Despite their relatively short existence as a start-up they have already earned much praise, including entrepreneur of the year in Norway 2018 and being named a global top 10 tech startup by Sir Richard Branson and the Extreme Tech Challenge in 2018.

Formerly an oil executive and corporate lawyer, Andreas Slettvoll decided to turn over a new leaf, quite fittingly, to the green energy sector. He is now founder and CEO of CHOOOSE. During the Greenfact Conference in October 2019, he was one of our key speakers and recently offered his thoughts on a few of our questions below.

Your business revolves around carbon offsetting - what are the most popular methods of achieving this?

For us it is about either detaching it from emissions and plugging it into anything - like a ski jump or a clothing collection - or basing it on a “reduce, measure and offset” methodology. The latter meaning reduce what you can, measure your footprint and development, and offset the unavoidable footprint. Where we are really different (apart from color and brand!) is that we are first and foremost a technology company making it delightfully easy for any type of business or individual to address their unavoidable footprint.

Who is driving the demand for carbon offsetting? Individuals or businesses? Which sectors?

In our view, it's businesses first - but driven by requests from individuals, either employees or consumers. Without businesses either addressing their unavoidable footprint themselves or empower their users to do the same, it’s going to be difficult to drive real change.

As a relatively new entrant, what was one of the most surprising discoveries you made about the climate change action industry?

The lack of transparency related to the flow of funds, and the somewhat absurd negativity from a few, but loud, environmentalists towards anyone not doing exactly what they want us to do. Provided you carefully select underlying projects, I have huge difficulties in seeing what is wrong with providing climate financing to these projects, whether achieved via carbon credits or other means.

Do GOs feature in the schemes you offer? If so, how prominent are they and which GOs are most utilised? If not, are there any plans to incorporate them?

As of today, it is not part of our primary offering, but GOs is a natural next implementation and our tech stack is fully compatible. I am not surprised if you see this from our end during 2020.

What can we look forward to from CHOOOSE in 2020?

A player that continues challenging the status quo across all continents - with a yes-we-can attitude - and the release of several new tech solutions for everyday climate action.