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Luxembourg auction results - May 2020

Monday, 15 June 2020

Earlier this month, the Institut Luxembourgeois de Regulation (ILR) held an auction for first quarter 2020 production. 

A summary of the prices and bid ranges is given in the graph below:

May marks the first time that solid Biomass GOs have been available via ILR auction. Wind prices for early 2020 production are similar to the OTC price (around 20 Eurocent), with little change from the previous quarter.

Biomass GOs sold substantially higher than OTC rates. It should be noted that the biomass plants in Luxembourg are relatively young (75% of the biomass registered plants were commissioned after 2017) making them CfD scheme-eligible in the UK, which would explain the increased value of these GOs.

All volumes on offer (114 GWh Wind, 59 GWh Biomass) were sold. The full details and results of the auction can be found on the Grexel website.

(First published on Greenfact subscriber site 19 May 2020)

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